Welcome to Professional Independent Training Techniques (PITT)

Welcome to Professional Independent Training Techniques (PITT)

Welcome to Professional Independent Training Techniques (PITT). The company that used to provide tiling courses in the UK is back!

We started out in early 2000’s with a small unit on Imex Business Park in Stoke-on-Trent, we then grew as we provided more courses to more people wishing to be a wall and floor tiler. Whether a DIY tiler for their home tiling project, or a professional wall and floor tiler who made a living from tiling customers bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls.

Professional-ITT.com and one of its founders are pleased to re-present you with the very same tiling courses, at a fraction of the original costings, with more selections on tiling tools to use during the tiling course, and more tiling tools to purchase after the course concludes.

Where did Professional Independent Training Techniques go to a while back?

The company went bankrupt.

Professional Independent Training Techniques was a company started by Paul Riley of Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme. It was a big project that hadn’t been carried out or even tested before.

Tiling Courses at the time were either official College courses which took years to undertake, with little time actually on the tiling tools. Or it was a case of working with an existing professional wall and floor tiler, who would, if you’re lucky, put you through your City and Guilds tiling course which would allow you to obtain the national standard in tiling. Currently the National Vocational Training qualification, the Wall and Floor Tiling NVQ Level 2.

Who knows what happened to level 1? Nobody has ever received one. Not a single sausage on earth. Level 2 is the starting point. Not sure why.

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